​Gourmet wedding favours and wholesale cotton candy in Ottawa and surrounding areas

We also have the following selection of toppings that can be added to your cotton candy to make it extra special


Pop Rocks

Edible Glitter

Gold or silver flakes

Two sisters has a wide selection of hand-spun cotton candy flavors. You can choose from the following or work with us to create your own.

Raspberry                Strawberry

Pink Vanilla              Peppermint

Cherry                      Watermelon

Grape                       Lemon Lime

Green Apple           Pear

Maple                      Bubble Gum

Orange                    Coconut

​Coffee                     Cookies N' Cream

Caramel                  Cinnamon Bun

Peach                      Mixed Berry

Bubble Gum           Blueberry

Banana                    Birthday Cake

​Toasted Marshmallow